Are pressure cookers healthy?

The use of pressure cookers is increasing day by day because it is easy to use and saves a lot of time. But it is important to understand that are these pressure cookers really healthy or not? Keeping this point in mind we have spent our time finding out should we use pressure cookers in our kitchen or not. So Let’s dive into it.

are pressure cookers healthy

The functionality of pressure cookers

Many years before pressure cookers were very simple and there were no safety features in the cookers and no other options to control the functionality of the cooker.

But due to changes and advancement in technologies now day’s pressure cookers are very safe due to safety features and multiple control options.

Working with the pressure cookers is the same before and now but in this modern era you can control everything of the pressure cookers.

Now we will explain the working of the pressure cookers. Pressure cookers are used to cook almost every food you want. Pressure cooker provides proper temperature to food and you can set the temperature according to your meal.

There is a lock on the cooker that keeps your food safe and the auto-adjustment system keeps your meal safe from burning. There are many layers in the cooker which provide the proper heat and a big LED on the cooker shows the time and status of your meal.

There are many safety features in cookers like overheating control feature, stainless steel, temperature adjustment, auto cleaning system, etc. Modern technologies are used in these cookers like the WIFI system, Bluetooth system, and microprocessor technology.

Are pressure cookers Really healthy?

Now a day pressure cookers are healthy to use because of many reasons. Firstly pressure cookers are healthy to use because of many features as you can cook your meal without any worry due to many controlled systems.

Like you can cook your food by adjusting the temperature of your pressure cookers according to your meal which keeps your meal safe from burning and give you better results.

Secondly, pressure cookers are healthy because nowadays we are using third-generation technology which is very advance as compare to first and second-generation technology.

This technology includes many safety features and you can control everything easily it include time adjustment, temperature adjustment, these cookers available in different size so you can adjust them according to your space, these cookers are non-stick, proper heating system in these cooker keeps your food safe from burning.

Thousands of recipes are included in these cookers which give you the multiple cooking options.

Thirdly pressure cookers are healthy to use because of modern technology. Like now a day there are some cookers in which the WIFI system is used and you can control everything by connecting the cooker with your device and manage your meal easily.

Bluetooth system is also used in these third-generation cookers which also work like WIFI and some cookers use microprocessor technology.

Pressure cookers are healthy to use because of many of the safety features like there is a controllable and adjustable temperature system that keeps the cooker safe from overheating to give proper heat to the meal there are many layers. The lock on the cooker keeps the water safe from overflow.

The timer on the big LED indicates the status of your meal in the form of a graph. Pressure cookers are healthy to use because of the different sizes you can keep the cooker according to your kitchen space and they are available in different colors which increase the beauty of the kitchen.

These cookers are very easy to carry from one place to another. Pressure cookers are available in almost all capacities. Some pressure cookers are made for big families and some are made for small families, some cookers are slow cookers and some are fast. You can buy the cooker according to your choice.

The pressure cooker is healthy because of a verity of cooking options like you can cook almost all types of rice(white and brown rice), you can grill your meat and veggies and you can boil your eggs and make an omelet by following simple steps.

Pressure cookers are healthy to use because these are very simple to use even a child can make his food by himself because the instructions for every meal have been written and you need to follow these simple steps.

The pressure cookers are healthy to use for an elder person because they need less hard work because everything in this cooker is automatic you just need to press a button and wait a little time and your meal is ready,third-generation cookers are very easy to wash and clean.

The pressure cookers are healthy to use because they include thousands of recipes and if you are confused about any recipe there are online communities that help you to make your desire meal. Many accessories are included in these cookers.

Third generation cookers are healthy to use because everything in these cookers is under control to give you better results as compare to old cookers because in old cookers there were very fewer options to control the cooker that takes a long time to cook and hard work.

Using third-generation pressure cooker reduces the health-harming factors like Acrylamide, HCA’s, Lectins, and Phytic Acid because these are cancer-causing factors.

Are Pressure cookers healthy


In the last, after reviewing the third generation cookers we have concluded that these cookers are healthy to use when we compare them to the older cookers. As we already told you that these cookers are very simple and easy to use due to advance technology.

Old cookers like first and second-generation cookers were very hard to use and take a long time and they used very little technology that is why they were very dangerous.

Some time old cookers explode due to overheating and non-controllable functions and your life was in danger. Third generation cookers are very fast which saves your time up to 70 percent. Utilizing a Pressure Cooker Provides Superior Nutrient Retention and Bioavailability

Analyst’s gauge the supplements in our nourishments have declined significantly (up to 50 percent in certain nourishments) because of the exhaustion of supplements in the dirt.

At the point when you consolidate that with many cooking techniques, which devastate or channel supplements from your nourishment, the outcome is dinners that simply don’t give the dietary benefit your body needs.

Broccoli cooked in a weight cooker holds 90% of its nutrient C!. The pressure cookers can incredibly lessen the time it takes to prepare your nourishment. This legitimately associates with the loss of less warmth delicate supplements. We should investigate the exploration:

In-Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, scientists found that pressure cooker was the best strategy for holding both nutrient C and beta-carotene in spinach and amaranth

An investigation distributed in The Journal of Food Science found that pressure cooker cooked broccoli held 90 percent of its nutrient C content. Contrast this with bubbling (66 percent maintenance) or steaming (78 percent).

An examination distributed in the Journal of Food Science and Technology found that pressure cooker expanded the measure of gainful phenolics in bananas. Specialists accept that the high weight broke the banana’s cell dividers, making the supplements progressively bioavailable.

Be that as it may, utilizing a pressure cooker won’t simply help support the degrees of supplements you get from your nourishment… it can likewise help diminish wellbeing hurting mixes, too.

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