Can pressure cookers explode

Before starting the discussion on, can pressure cookers to explode, we should understand the working process of these pressure cookers because before understanding the construction of cookers we can’t understand whether cookers are harmful or not.

Now we are using Third-generation Pressure cookers. Before these, we have had First-generation and Second-generation cookers. The idea behind manufacturing these cookers was to reduce the cooking time in the kitchen.

First Generation Pressure Cookers

First-generation came with a weight-modified or ‘jiggler’ valve, which releases pressure during operation. Nowadays many manufacturers are producing pressure cookers which are the variation of First-generation cookers.

Second Generation Pressure Cookers

The second-generation pressure cooker operates with a spring-loaded valve that is often hidden from the view. These cookers come with only two or more pressure settings and some don’t release steam and some release steam when the pan is opened.

Third Generation Pressure Cooker

In this modern era of science and technology, we are using smart electric pressure cookers which are pre-programmed and called Third-generation of pressure cookers. These cookers include pre-set cooking times and settings based on temperature, pressure, and duration, etc.

Can pressure cookers explode


Pressure cookers usually come with following common things which we should understand before going towards can pressure cookers explode in real or not.


Each pressure cooker has a different capacity. It can be for larger families with larger capacity and also be medium or small families with the capacity of respective requirements.


It comes with Metal Pan Body. It also has Pan Hands which are on both opposite sides for carrying the cooker from both hands.


Lid handle usually with a locking device that prevents from removal while cooking.

The gasket is used for sealing the cooker airtight.

Steam vent which has a pressure regulator to maintain the pressure level in the pan.

Pressure indicator light to show the pressure presence or absence

Can pressure cookers explodee

Health Benefits

The toxin in some foods like aflatoxin can be reduced by cooking in these electric pressure cookers. In a Korean Study about aflatoxin revealed that pressure cookers can reduce aflatoxin concentration to 32% as compared to 77% from ordinary cooking.

Some foods like noodles, pasta, cereals, and oatmeal, etc. are not recommended to cook in pressure cookers because these can cause unsafe conditions which can be harmful.

How Pressure cooker work?

Can pressure cookers explode

A pressure cooker is just like an ordinary pot but it has some unique parts and working procedure than ordinary pot. The pressure cooker raises the temperature of boiling water during its operation and lid is locked by adding to food and liquid in the pot inside the cooker.

When the lid is locked steam cannot escape from the top of the cooker, as a result, the pressure goes above the sea level inside the atmosphere of the cooker which causes the high temperature and as a result, we get food cooked faster than regular cooking.

Once the cooker has reached the full pressure as we set it for cooking a valve on the top of the cooker is automatically opened letting out the steam to maintain the pressure inside of the cooker.

Can Pressure Cookers really explode or Not?

If we talk about the first two generations of cookers then we can say that these pressure cookers were really unsafe and in a lot of cases these cookers could explode. The reason behind the explosion of these pressure cookers was not to seal them in a proper way.

In earlier cookers there was no safety plug to handle the overpressure inside the cookers therefore when the pressure inside the cookers went above the normal and had no way to get out from it, the cookers explode.

But now we are living the age where every cooker comes with a backup valve or plug to handle the overpressure inside the cookers. We put the food we want to cook inside the pot with liquid and set the condition under which we want to cook.

Once these conditions of cooking food reached then the valve or plug on the top of the cooker automatically opens, letting the steam out and pressure inside the pot of pressure cooker becomes normal.


After learning the working process of cookers we can say that pressure cookers in the past were really a big risk to use in the kitchen because these didn’t have a backup valve or plug to handle the pressure inside the cooker, as a result, these cookers explode in a harmful way.

But pressure cookers are really safe to use because now well know companies are using advanced programming and artificial technologies along with backup valve or plugin to handle the overpressure.

Therefore we can say that modern pressure cookers are very safe and you can use these pressure cookers in your kitchen whether it is the big kitchen or a small kitchen.

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